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PROMAG Magnetfeldtherapie - The certified solution for at home
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An energetic treatment.
Its technology and application in daily life.
By Dr. med. Gebhard Gehring


According to the latest research findings, the elementary processes in the body are determinedin particular by the body’s own electricity and the electromagnetic charge of the cell surface. Professor Tiller from Stanford University, USA, established that cells and cell groups respectively can ‘speak to one another’ on the basis of their electromagnetic activity and ‘communicate’ with one another in this manner. Normal cell functions with a ‘healthy’ membrane charge potential provide for optimal ion exchange, regulate the activities of hormones and enzymes and thus control metabolic activity.
The natural electromagnetic field of the organism and its regenerative ability are disturbed in case of illnesses. The appropriately dosed, pulsating magnetic field as a modern physical therapy increases cell activity step-by-step. This leads to significantly better blood flow, improved oxygen supply and higher energy metabolism (ATP) in the entire body and for the sustained mobilisation of its important self-cleaning powers.
In the past years, the effectiveness of electromagnetic therapy has been proven in a plethora of clinical studies for ever increasing fields of application.

The most important are:
- Pain relief and acceleration of wound healing processes
- Pronounced muscle relaxation and deep tissue massage
- Cell activation and stimulation of metabolism
- Improvement of the collagen structure of bones
- Strengthening of the immune system
- Support of lymph drainage
- Vitalisation and regeneration of the body through stress relief
- Expansion of the blood vessels, activation of circulation, acceleration of blood flow
- Significant increase of oxygen supply


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Test certificate


Promag is a medical device in accordance with Annex VI of Directive 93/42/EWG + Amm 2007/47/EG


Magnetic mat

Mat: 190 x 85 cm (extended)

Incl. Magnetic field generator and power supply.

Subsequent applicators can magnetic field generator and the power supply to operate with. Das Anschließen von anderen Produkten an einen Promag-Magnetfeldgenerator ist ausdrücklich untersagt. Connection of other products to a magnetic field generator Promag is expressly prohibited.



magnetic Pillow

Pillow: 60 x 50 cm


Manchette: 79 x 19 cm
for wrists or ankles


about 25 cm long
Diameter 20 mm

for direct application
at the

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